Beili Liu

Wind Drawing Array 2Beili Liu, Wind Drawings Series 2, Array, Sumi ink on birch panel, triptych, 60x36x1 Inches

78704 gallery presents:
Beili Liu

Born in Jilin, China, Beili Liu is a multidisciplinary artist whose time and process based installations explore subjects of cultural specificity and overlaps, transient or persistent energy, and conflicting and confluent forces. Liu incorporates simple materials such as; thread, paper, incense, wood, salt, and water, in her works to create microcosms of fragility and poignancy. By working on these everyday materials, Liu manipulates their intrinsic and bare qualities to extrapolate much more complex cultural narratives.

Liu has received numerous awards and prizes, including a National Endowments for the Arts Grant specifically in support of her residency and solo exhibition “Chine”. Liu was the lead visual artist for a Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Artistic Innovation And Collaboration Grant supported public art project “Thirst” at the Lady Bird Lake in Austin Texas. Liu has also received local awards being named “Artist of the Year”, by Austin Visual Art Association in 2009 and the Austin Critics Table Awards in 2011. Internationally, Sacchi Review, UK named Liu’s solo exhibition “In Between” one of the “Top Ten Exhibitions in Shanghai” in 2009.

Beili Liu now lives and works in Austin, Texas. She is an Associate Professor of Art at The University of Texas at Austin.